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blouse batik

Red Nitik Batik Blouse: The nitik batik motif is made manually, giving this blouse a high level of detailed beauty. Cotton material makes this blouse comfortable. This batik also uses premium ink, making the motif last for a long time. Lets have a look at our exclusive collection of batik blouses, only at Maidagallery.

Beige Kimono People Of Japan: Japanese-style kimonos made from Japanese silk are beautified by hand-painted images of Japanese people wearing traditional clothing. Making this kimono beautiful and comfortable to wear.

Dusty Purple Embroidered Vest Outer: The vest has shades of purple and a motif in the form of very fine and thin silk thread hand embroidery, making this outer have high artistic value with beautiful embroidery results on the back of the vest.

Kebaya Antik Pink Embroidery

Babypink Embroidered Antique Kebaya: Antique kebaya from the Maidagallery collection with beautiful light pink shades, decorated with fine embroidery and details along the kebaya, using cotton material to make the kebaya comfortable to wear. This kebaya has a special method of sewing so it has a hollow sewing texture.

Clutch Gold Cream Angsa

Gold Swan Cream Clutch: The women’s clutch bag is made from cream colored woven material, combined with a gold swan motif which makes the clutch look more shiny. With its minimalist size, this clutch from the Maidgallery collection looks beautiful. and neutral colors make the clutch easy to combine with various outfit colors.

Japanese Obi Belt: You can wear this Japanese style obi belt on various occasions with a casual, semi-formal, or formal look. This obi belt has silk thread embroidery pattern and made of special batik cloth, just for you.

Maida Products

Exclusive products and collectibles selected and produced with premium quality under our brand, Maida

Maida Collections


Maida Fine Accessories

Exclusive and Antique Clutch Complete your style with a luxurious impression and unique made just for you.

Maida Outerwear Collection

Exclusive Outerwear Japanese silk material is comfortable to wear with shibori details and hand painting perfect to complete your outfit.

Maida Collezioni Products

Exclusive products and collectibles selected and produced with premium quality under our Maida Collezioni brand

Maida Collezioni Collections

Maida Collezioni Fine Accessories

Antique and Exclusive Clutch your style with an unique and luxurious impression, specially made for you.

Maida Collezioni Outerwear Collection

Exclusive Outerwear made of comfortable materials with luxurious design details, a combination of embroidery and textured Japanese silk.

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